Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ball Park Flame Grilled Patties - Grilled Beef Fast.

BzzAgent has asked me to review Ball Park's new Flame Grilled Patties.  Here is my Bzzkit I received.  Technically, I got a free product coupon to get the bag with, but I thought you guys might be more interested in seeing the product, instead of a shiny new coupon.  My husband is in the Army, and loved the bag!

 We all know and love Ball Park for their juicy hot dogs that plump when they cook.  Now  they've upped the ante with their new Flame Grilled Patties that are available in three flavors; Beef, Beef & Cheese and Beef & Onion.  All ready in just about a minute, which is perfect for my hungry husband who works a demanding job and sometimes is just ravenous when he comes in the door.

At first I was skeptical... I've had frozen patties before and sometimes they just kinda... paint the grill marks on their patties.  Or they come all broken and impossible to separate, resulting in needing a chisel and hammer to get them apart.  This only results in a grumpy cook and/or husband.  Ball Park has raised the standards in frozen patties by pre-grilling their 100% beef patties and freezing them individually.  That's what keeps them from sticking together.

I was eager to see what I would find when I opened the bag.  Want to see too?

Interesting packaging.  I would have thought they would be broken, or laid in a different arrangement, but truth be told, this seems to work.  Personally, being earthy and crunchy as much as I can, I would have preferred to have seen packaging that can be recycled.  Getting a burger out was easy, too, and it took minimal effort to free the patty I wanted.

Now, in case you Moms are wondering, these really are 100% real beef... and NO pink slime!  I swear, they clearly state this on their website.  

So how do these cook up?  In just about a minute.  I've made a few of these now, and some took just a minute, others took a minute twenty.  A quick touch to the center will tell you if it's done.

I cooked mine for one minute here, and here you can see the end result.  There is some grease.. but let't be honest... if there was not any grease, it would not be 100% beef!  If you look at the frozen pic and the cooked pic, you'll see there was no shrinkage either.  Now, we all know burgers shrink when they cook, so why didn't these?  Because they have already been pre-grilled and we are just heating them up.

I thought about adding a slice of cheese, lettuce or tomato, but that is not how I eat them.  Instead of prettying it up for you guys, I left it how I actually ate it.  Taste?  Gotta admit... I was impressed.  It tasted like a hot, beefy burger.  You gotta admit... that looks good.  My husband agreed.  Having worked late the other night, he wanted something a bit ..more than the pasta I had made.  I suggested a burger, which got his attention.  He made it and was also very happy with how it tasted and it is now his go to quick fix meal.

Additionally, if you go to BallPark's FB page, you can enter to win a year's worth of groceries and the "Ultimate Grillout" prize pack in their new "Great Moments in Guy Time" sweepstakes.  'Like' their fb page and upload a photo or video for a chance to win!

Disclosure - A product was provided to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion by the manufacturer, BzzAgent or representing PR firm.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by monetary compensation.  Any questions?  Feel free to email me.

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