Monday, December 3, 2012

Burt's Bees - Intense Hydration

As many of you know, I am a dedicated Bzzagent!  Recently, they asked me to try Burt's Bees new Intense Hydration line.  As someone with pale, delicate and dry skin, I was thrilled.  Here is what I got when I received my Bzzkit:

Woo-Hoo is right!!!!

Look at the amazing items!!  We've got an Intense Hydration Mask, a Cleanser, Night cream, and samples for day and night cream.  The samples have amazing coupons, too!   $3 off!  I saw them at CVS for $9 ea. so that is 1/3 off.  Not bad, not bad!!!

I love this.  See the tabs on the side, sealing it?  That means NO plastic cap underneath, NO extra foil seal to break, etc.  Just a simple tab to break to ensure the seal!  As an environmentally friendly person, I LOVE this addition to keep unnecessary items out of our landfills!  Simple and yet so effective.  And it removes the slight annoyance I get when I go to open something new and it takes five different ways of removing this and breaking this seal and cutting this...etc.

Nice and creamy.  No extra lid inside, no foil seal!  Just more reasons to love Burt's Bees.

Day lotion and night cream samples!  My friends are going to LOVE me!!

Before, sans make up.  See my pale and dry skin?

After.  I dare say the extra moisture has given my skin a healthy glow!!

I DO wish there was some other anti-aging/anti-wrinkles, etc with this product.  If it had that, I would be sold year round.  For now, I will very much use this during winter along with my other anti-wrinkle lotion.  I'm approaching 40 and I don't want to look like it!